McKay Used Books Reseller Rules & Expectations

Reseller & Scanner Policies

1.      Shopping with electronic devices is allowed only after 3 pm – no exceptions.

2.      Merchandise may only be shopped from our shelves.  Staff must be given space and time to put items on the shelves. Please wait for staff to vacate the area prior to shopping in those areas.

3.      Price stickers may not be tampered with in any way.

4.      Shelves must be left clean and neat & items must be returned to their original locations if they are not purchased.

6.      All electronic devices must be on silent mode at all times.

7.      All COVID requirements apply to all customers.

8. We are unable to hold merchandise while you are shopping. 

9.      Our incoming quantity limitations are applicable to selling groups, 4 bins per group per weekday, 3 bins per group per weekend day, and 1 large order bin per group at a time.

We will ask you and your party to vacate the premise should there be any abuse of the above policies.