COVID-19 Response


Revised September 2, 2021

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

WEAR A MASK: We request that all patrons aged 5 and up wear a mask while shopping in our store. Those who are unvaccinated MUST wear a mask in accordance with Virginia mandate 72, amendment 7.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: For the comfort of all patrons, please maintain 6 feet of distance between you and other social groups.

BE PATIENT: We can get through this together. We appreciate your loyalty to McKay’s, and your kindness toward our hardworking staff. 

INCOMING MERCHANDISE: There is a 3 bin limit on incoming trades on weekends, 4 on weekdays per legal adult. If you would like any merchandise we aren’t able to accept returned to you, you much claim it within 3 hours of your check-in time.

CONTACTLESS: Please consider using credit cards, apple pay, G pay, and trade credit for payment. Cash is accepted.

WASH: We encourage the use of our restrooms to wash your hands.